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Testosterone E 250

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Manufacturer: Odin Anabolics
Brand Name: Testosterone E 250
Dosage forms: 10 ml (250 mg/ml)
Drug Status: Androgens and anabolic steroids
Active Substance: Testosterone Enanthate
Generic name: Testaplex E 250, Enantat 250 ,GP Test Enanth 250 , TEST E 250, Testabol Enanthate, Testaplex E 250, Testoxyl Enanthate, Testrin, Testabol, Testostroval, Testonova, Enantrex, Durathate, Pharma Test E, Test E, Testro LA, Cidoteston, Testobilin, Delatestryl, Testoviron, Andropository, Testosterona, Androne 250, Enantat, Testobolin, Cidotestone, Nuvir, Menocare, Everone, Enantbolic, Androfil, Andro LA, Testofort, Asset-250, TestaPlex E, Enandrol

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Testosterone E 250 Odin Anabolics

Testosterone E 250, commonly known as testosterone heptanoate, is a steroid injection that is Anabolic and androgenic in nature and is used to treat low testosterone levels. Testosterone E 250 is an Anabolic medications function by increasing muscular mass, whilst androgenic drugs improve sex traits associated with men. It may be used as a subsequent treatment in females with inoperable breast cancer that has progressed to the bones (metastatic breast cancer). It is used to treat numerous health problems caused by a shortage of testosterone in adult males as a testosterone replacement therapy. Two different blood testosterone measurements, as well as clinical signs such as impotence, should be used to corroborate this. Infertility.


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Testosterone E 250