GP Anastrozole

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Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Brand Name: GP Anastrozole
Dosage forms: 20 tabs (1 mg/tab)
Drug Status: Aromatase Inhibitor
Active Substance: Anastrozole
Generic name: Arimixyl, Armotraz 1 mg, Femistra 1 mg, Arimiplex, Arimidex, Altrol, Anatero, Qubol, Anastrozolos, Femitraz, Aridex, PMBC, Anastrocare, Anabrez, Redest, Anastrozole Tablets, Armilon, Femistra, Armotraz, Altraz, Stazonex



Anastrozole is an anti-Estrogen drug originally intended to treat advanced breast cancer. It is reserved for postmenopausal women whose cancer has progressed in spite of treatment with drugs like tamoxifen. While other drugs such a Nolvadex and Clomid work by merely blocking Estrogen receptors, Anastrozole works by inhibiting the enzyme aromatase altogether. This enzyme is responsible for the conversion of Testosterone and other androgens into estrogen and estradiol. As we know, high levels of Estrogen in men is the cause of water retention and the growth of breast tissue in men, a condition known as Gynocomastia (Gyno or bitch tits). Bodybuilders may use this drug to prevent aromatization while on a high androgen cycle.

Effective Dose: 1MG a day for four days will completely rid your body of all estrogen.

Side Effects:

The down side of this drug is that it will completely shut down the production of estrogen. This is not as good as it sounds since low levels of estrogen are needed to potentate the effectiveness of androgens as well as normal bodily functions. One approach might be to take one cap every third day along with Clomid instead of daily. This would ensure that estrogen levels are being suppressed enough to prevent side effects but not so low that it interferes with normal bodily functions.


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GP Anastrozole